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About your trip

About your trip

If you're considering taking out Travel Insurance, please remember that it's designed to cover unforeseen and unexpected events and circumstances.

Single Trip - Covering you for one trip up to 120 days to any worldwide destination, with no upper age limit.

Annual Multi Trip - Travel as many times as you like during the year up to 31 days per trip, this can be extended for an additional premium up to 90 days. We cover travellers up to age 79.

Before buying a policy and/or booking a trip, please read the policy booklet(PDF Document, opens in a new window)

What type of cover do you need?

Choose from Single Trip Insurance for one-off holidays or Annual Multi-trip Insurance if you plan to be travelling frequently.

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Where will you be travelling?

Please select the area you are travelling to from the list below.
If the area of travel is not displayed, this means that we’re currently unable to offer cover for any trip to this area.

When are you going?

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Where are you going?

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If the country is not displayed, this means that we’re currently unable to offer cover for any trip to this destination.

Area of cover
About you

About you

About the travellers

How many additional travellers would you like to cover? (maximum of 8)

If you or any traveller has a medical condition you’ll be asked about this later.

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Important information about your health and the health of others

We cannot provide cover where there are:

  • Undiagnosed symptoms - there is no cover for any symptoms that you or anyone else who will be covered by this policy are aware of, for which you have sought but not yet received a diagnosis.
  • Reasons your travel plans may change - there is no cover if you know of a reason why the trip may be cancelled or you may need to come home early, for example if a close relative or travelling companion is seriously ill and this could reasonably be expected to affect your travel plans.
  • Existing medical condition(s) - there is no cover for any existing medical condition you have not told us about.

There is no cover for any claim arising directly or indirectly from the following:

  • Prescribed medication not being taken as directed.
  • Travelling against the advice of a doctor or purposely travelling without medical advice when it was reasonable to have consulted a doctor.
  • Travelling with the intention of seeking medical treatment or advice.

Does any person to be insured have any medical conditions?

By ‘medical condition’ we mean any diagnosed illness, injury or disease where in the last 12 months any person to be insured has:

  • been prescribed medication, including newly prescribed or repeat medication; and/or
  • received or are awaiting medical treatment, tests or investigations; and/or
  • been referred to, or had a follow up with a specialist; and/or
  • been admitted to hospital or had surgery

Please note: You do not need to tell us about any common colds, contraceptive medication or minor infections that have been treated with no more than one course of antibiotics.

Keeping you informed


How and why we use your information

The insurer and their third parties, collect and use information (including about health and unspent offences or criminal convictions) about you and, if relevant, somebody else covered under your policy.

They do this so they can:

  • verify your identity and help prevent fraud
  • calculate the risk to insure you
  • set up, assess and maintain your insurance contract
  • make changes to your cover
  • process claims
  • carry out profiling and analytics

The insurer shares information within the Aviva Group, their reinsurers (their own insurers) and specific other organisations for these purposes.

The information comes from:

  • what you’ve already provided
  • data already held about you (including from other quotes and policies)
  • publicly available sources
  • other trusted organisations

We use automated decision making

This means they use software to decide whether they can insure you and on what terms, deal with claims and carry out fraud checks. For more information, see the Aviva Privacy Notice (PDF Document, opens in a new window) for this policy.

You have rights about your information

For more about your rights and how and why the insurer uses your data, see the Aviva Privacy Notice (PDF Document, opens in a new window) for this policy. There’s more detail in the Privacy Policy at (opens in a new window) or you can request a copy by writing to us at Aviva, Freepost, Mailing Exclusion Team, Unit 5, Wanlip Road Ind Est, Syston, Leicester, LE7 1PD

Contact preferences

You have a right to know how we will use your personal information. In the case of personal data, you have the right to access and if necessary rectify any incorrect information held about you. It is important that you read the Data Protection Act sections of the Important Information document. A copy of this will be included in your policy pack.

With your permission, Marks and Spencer Financial Services plc, other members of the HSBC Group, members of the Marks and Spencer Group and other organisations approved by Marks and Spencer plc (which may include insurance companies) may share information about you to enable each of us to keep you informed about special offers, products and services available from the HSBC Group, the Marks and Spencer Group and selected third parties by post, telephone, email, mobile text and picture messaging. You agree that, to determine which products or services may be of interest to you, information about you may be analysed.

How would you like us to contact you about such special offers, products and services?


How would you like to receive copies of your policy documents? Required
These will be available to you after you've bought your policy.
Promotional codes

Promotional codes

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Assumptions on which your quote is based

In order to make getting a quote as simple as possible your quote will be based on a few assumptions. Please read through these to tell us if the assumptions we have made are correct. You and any person to be insured by this policy:

  • Are a permanent resident of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), and registered with a UK doctor.
  • Have had less than 3 travel insurance claims in the past 3 years.
  • You have not already commenced your trip and the trips you take are round trips from and to the UK.
  • Are not travelling against medical advice or to receive medical treatment or advice abroad.
  • Have no unspent convictions for fraud, dishonesty or deception.

Remember: You must take reasonable care to give us full and accurate answers. If not, we may cancel or change your policy, or refuse to pay all or part of a claim.

Are all the assumptions correct? Required

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